का मतलब वैसे तो होता है जो आत्म हो या वह जो जन्म और मौत से परे होता हो । आप जो
दुनिया के अंदर हर जीव देख रहे हैं उसके अंदर आत्मा ही तो है। बिना आत्मा के कुछ
भी संभव नहीं है। चेतन चीजें सिर्फ आत्मा की वजह से ही हैं।

aatma ko english mein kya bolte hain aatma ka
matlab kya hai

के अंदर आत्मा को मुख्य रूप से
SOUL और SPIRIT जैसे नामों से जाना जाता है आत्मा का
मतलब होता है कि जो जन्म और म्रत्यु से परे होती है। वही आत्मा कहलाती है।
/Tman (/ ˈɑːtmən
आत्मान) एक संस्कृत शब्द है जिसका अर्थ है आंतरिक आत्म
, आत्मा या आत्मा।  हिंदू दर्शन में, विशेष रूप से हिंदू धर्म के वेदांत
विद्यालय में
, principletman पहला सिद्धांत है, [४] घटना के साथ किसी व्यक्ति की पहचान से परे
किसी व्यक्ति का सच्चा स्व। मोक्ष (मोक्ष) प्राप्त करने के लिए
, मनुष्य को आत्म-ज्ञान (आत्म ज्ञान)
प्राप्त करना चाहिए
, जो यह महसूस करना है कि व्यक्ति का सच्चा आत्म ()tman) पारंगत आत्म ब्रह्म के समान है
·      ‌‌‌आत्मा {Atma} =
·      आत्मा {Atma} = SOUL-BARING
·      आत्मा {Atma} = SOUL-DESTROYING
·      आत्मा {Atma} = SOUL-STIRRING
·      आत्मा {Atma} = SPIRIT

aatma ka matlab kya hai what is soul ?

Let ME tell you one thing completely new concerning soul.
it’s one thing you would possibly not have acknowledged or formed, and it’s
There are quite a hundred answers here, and piles of
substitutable queries. several answers have fascinating imagination and
hypothesis. There are quotations from writing to clarify soul, because the
moment you say “soul” it conjures system ideas. it’s as if souls belong to the
domain of spiritual beliefs. It is not!
What additional am i able to say, I wondered. am i able to
justify it terribly otherwise from all the opposite answers place together? am
i able to show one thing new and unknown? maybe I will, I realised. However,
concentration and a really open mind is required to actually comprehend my
answer. it’s a really long answer, because it is troublesome to clarify one
thing new. If you’re already biased along with your personal views concerning
soul, you’ll not are aware of it.
I found one thing surprisingly missing all told the answers.
None of them have explained that soul could be a physical entity and totally
different from you. nobody so far has recognized that soul could be a tangible
however invisible object. Is soul very so?
Yes, it’s like that. Soul isn’t simply associate abstract
system plan however one thing concrete still. But, the concrete object can’t be
detached, traded, divided, or transplanted. It can’t be passed on to somebody
else. however it’s sort of a object, which may grow or evolve, and conjointly
change into one thing totally different.
Isn’t that interesting? nobody so far has created such a
claim. Here and at once i’m creating this claim, and that i can justify it. i’m
not imagining a replacement theory, however explaining it from what’s already
acknowledged and well established in religious science and occultism.
Is soul very one thing concrete sort of a physical object?
Let us begin with the only clarification of soul. we’ll then
see whether or not it’s very associate object – a tangible factor – or simply a
system hypothesis and an abstract plan.
Each one folks, you and I, are aware that we have a tendency
to reside. This awareness or consciousness with that you and that i establish
ourselves throughout life continues to stay, although in a very totally
different type and sort, even when death. That is, even when death i do know I
exist. this sense of existence when death is extremely totally different from
the sensation we’ve once we were living. throughout life we’ve a build
associated conjointly an identity. when death, the physical or terrestrial
identity is for good lost, however there’s a sense or sense of awareness that
we have a tendency to still exist. This continuity of the consciousness (though
in a very totally different form) happens as a result of our awareness.
Consciousness was residing in “something” once we were living, and this
“something” continues to be gift even when death. Our consciousness clings to
the current “something” as if it exists simply because of the “something”, and
therefore the consciousness thinks or imagines that while not the “something”
there would be no existence in the slightest degree. thus we predict,
consciously or subconsciously, that we have a tendency to are that specific
“something” that survives when death and is born yet again in a very totally
different body in a new life.
This “something” is thought because the soul. it’s the
God-self in man. identical “something” (soul) is named Ego in belief word. Soul
and ego are one and therefore the same factor.
So, soul is that the inner-most “something” possessed by our
consciousness. This innermost “something” is aware of or “contains the
knowledge or memory” and so a way of awareness that we have a tendency to
reside (when we live a terrestrial life) which we are still living when we die
(non terrestrial life). That is, the soul could be a memory bank too. The
nighest associatealogy although an inaccurate analogy is that the brain. in
precisely the approach the brain could be a memory bank and a seat of
discrimination and judgement for a living person, soul (the “something”) is
like a continual (or longer lasting) memory bank and seat of discrimination and
judgement for consciousness.
As the “something” is possessed by the consciousness (the
real you), the actual consciousness begins to believe or takes it without any
consideration that it’s that “something” and not totally different from itself.
this can be really associate illusion as a result of the consciousness isn’t
restricted or sure by the memory bank referred to as “something”. it’s
liberated to explore and transcend the “something”, and might really discard
the “something”. But, till this understanding or intelligence dawns within the
consciousness, the consciousness continues to reside within the “something”.
it’s thus terribly elaborately integrated with the “something”, it feels itself
to be a results of the “something”. In reality, the consciousness (the real
you) is totally different from the “something”. once we reside we predict we
exist as a result of our brain exists and imparts US the sensation of vitality,
however really we have a tendency to are totally different from our brain; our
brain is simply a biological organ. in precisely this fashion, the
consciousness (the real you) is totally different from the “something”. So,
consciousness is truly totally different from soul.

aatma ka matlab kya hai what is soul ?

I am attempting to clarify one thing extraordinarily
difficult, and that i ought to go slow. It sounds difficult as a result of the
actual fact that I would like to arouse you are a few things with which you’ll
not be acquainted. I even have aforesaid that soul and consciousness are 2
terribly separate things and not one, which consciousness resides within the
soul and thinks itself to be the soul. The soul successively could be a bundle
of recollections with some properties of its own. First, perceive this. it’s a
Let us currently begin to seem at the soul as a nucleus of
some kind. it’s really a nucleus with sure properties or certain
characteristics. These same characteristics (of the nucleus) is gift in each
human soul, although the content of the soul is also totally different counting
on what recollections it’s keep, however matured it’s, and therefore the
content of its accumulated fate.
The property of this nucleus is to grow and become higher,
stronger and greater. Its property is to amass, to accomplish. And once it
acquires, its core, its centre, becomes stronger. That’s however it’s. As a
result, the nucleus forces the consciousness (the real you) to be glad or proud
of acquisition, with growth, and therefore the tendency to become additional
and more powerful over time. But, these are the properties of the soul, and
that we involuntarily follow the tendency of the soul simply because the
consciousness is distinguishing itself as a soul.
It is unfree within the soul, and lost all its freedom.
Therefore, it continues to grow the maximum amount because the nucleus grows.
once this happens, new recollections, new experiences are keep within the
nucleus, and therefore the nucleus or soul becomes additional capable. But, all
its capabilities are self-centric as at the terribly core could be a nucleus
that acts sort of a sun forcing all its planets into associate orbit around
itself. it’s egoistic and so imparts the properties and feeling of a separate
being. The consciousness feels likewise, owing to the soul, as a result of it’s
become a unfortunate of the soul. The soul successively is simply a bundle of
life-after-life recollections.
The nucleus (soul) has alternative properties too. It acts sort
of a seed, which pulls around itself a body (or a collection of bodies) to
measure a terrestrial life. At the tip of every life it discards the bodies,
one by one when death till the vacant nucleus (the seed) remains. The seed then
germinates yet again in sort of a replacement life, and gathers around it yet
one more set of bodies for a replacement earth-life. this can be the property
of the nucleus. it’s a thirst or tendency for earth-experience and it propels
itself into a replacement life or a new incarnation. In every life it learns
and expands. because it is that the cause (or hidden source) of all its
actions, it suffers fate (law of cause-effect) too. The recollections of its
actions and no matter impacts it, is keep as a kind of mechanical energy within
the seed itself or within the soul. The consciousness entrapped within the
nucleus, within the seed, in the soul, suffers all consequences of fate because
it is barely the consciousness that has generated all the cause-effect via the
soul. Had it on the loose from the bondage of the soul, it might be free from
fate, instantly. however that doesn’t happen simply as a result of
consciousness continues to believe it’s the soul.
Now, what’s this soul? what’s the hardware? that’s, will
soul have a body?
When we reside we’ve a build, right? we have a tendency to
might imagine we are the build, however several folks understand it is simply
associate illusion. the actual fact is, we have a tendency to are totally
different from our body. nowadays I even have a hand. Tomorrow is that the hand
is amputed, however I still exist while not a hand. Similarly, all our organs
and our body is totally different from US.
We have not solely a build however associate stellar body
and a mental body too. The build is for physical purpose, whereas the stellar
body could be a body for emotions and therefore the mental body is a body for
thoughts. The nucleus (the seed or soul), once it’s born attracts around it
these bodies from the environmental substance. it’s sort of a seed germinating
and growing into a plant.
As there are 3 bodies (physical, stellar and mental), the
environmental substance is drawn from the 3 worlds of nature – the physical
world, the stellar world and therefore the mental world. The 3 bodies are created
out of substance (lets decision them ‘atoms’) of the three totally different
worlds. i’m mistreatment the term atoms as there’s no alternative term to
explain them. These ‘atoms’ are drawn along into a body owing to the properties
of the nucleus.
It is price knowing that the presence of various worlds of
nature (and that we’ve 3 differing types of bodies) is well-known and
well-established in occultism. every of those worlds of nature have seven
grades of substance or seven dimensions referred to as sub-planes. Even the
physical world has seven sub-planes, acknowledged to us as solids, liquids,
gases, and 4 grades of etheric substance referred to as the etheric sub-plane
(fourth sub-plane), super-etheric sub-plane (third sub-plane), sub-atomic
sub-plane (second sub-plane) and therefore the atomic sub-plane (first
sub-plane). every of them serve an exact physical purpose. as an example, the
primary or highest sub-plane could be a medium for mind-to-mind transfer of
thoughts. Electricity is alleged to be a development related to the fourth
Similarly, the stellar world and conjointly the mental world
have their seven sub-planes.
Now comes the fascinating half, as learnt from religious
science. The ego, or the nucleus, the “something” we have a tendency to
decision soul is truly a “body” created out of ‘atoms’ of the primary (highest)
sub-plane of the mental world. it’s referred to as a “causal body”. The
causative body is that the soul!
The soul is so a body like our build, however while not a form.
it’s sort of a seed or essence. Physically or with chemicals (I don’t grasp
that word to use as a result of it’s neither physical nor chemical however one
thing like that), it’s sort of a packet of vibratory atoms. it’s the character
or property of this “packet of atoms” that imparts the properties of the
nucleus or properties of the human soul. And, this body, the causative body
grows and becomes stronger over the series of earth-lives because it gathers
expertise. it’s as tangible as a physical physical structure, however created
out of invisible “atoms” or a substance invisible to the human eye. But, Adepts
are capable of “seeing” and distinctive the causative body. The causative body
is that the body of our soul, during which our consciousness is at bay.
Do you currently perceive what a soul is? It will have a
tangible existence. it’s a packet of vibrations (the word vibrations is
inaccurate, however I don’t have a far better term for it), and therefore the
vibrations contain a memory. So, the soul is nothing however a bundle of
recollections. J. Krishnamurti, when asked, had conjointly aforesaid that the
Atman could be a bundle of recollections and there’s nothing additional
The fascinating bit is, consciousness will throw off the
bondage of the soul once it recognises the constraints of the soul. once it
escapes, the soul dissolves away and therefore the atoms are free into the
surroundings, into the mental world. This freedom happens upon enlightenment
(also referred to as Nirvana or Moksha), and therefore the physical “dissolving
away” or dispersing of the causative body into the surroundings happens when
the physical death of the earth-born enlightened person. till the consciousness
learns that soul is associate illusion created by itself, the causative body
remains and sends itself down for a terrestrial life. the training comes upon
enlightenment, then the soul dissolves away.
There is one thing difficult and fascinating concerning
consciousness and soul. whereas consciousness gets entrapped within the soul,
it’s that terribly consciousness that is accountable for the very existence of
soul. It clings on to the causative body and so becomes the energy that binds
it as a nucleus. If the consciousness merely “lets go” of the binding force by
not accumulating experiences and beliefs (conditioning) and acting per it, the
nucleus will now not be command together; it disperses.