My name is Vikas Khel. I sleep in Latur. My I cake spent a great deal
to show Maine. however I even have continually wished an honest job. Now, to
run the water, expenses had to be done. thus I took a supervisor job in an
exceedingly chips industrial plant. My shift accustomed begin at eleven o’clock
at the hours of darkness, thus I accustomed eat and eat well. the ability
system of the industrial plant was shot at around one pm that night. Seth said,
four folks come back. vacation these days | All 3 of my kaligas left the house.
however i used to be not progressing to attend the house on a bicycle within
the dark at any price. Seth said, soja bean in industrial plant by lock. I most
likely created identical danger mistake. What I knew was that i’d need to cry
tears of blood.

After everybody was gone, I fast the within. Then suddenly the wheel of
potato peeling machine started spinning. For a flash my condition became
skinny. My heart beat quick. I shouted… WHO is there ,,, however no answer
came. I quickly unbolted the lock and began going out of the industrial plant.
however Panwati somewhere, the lock wasn’t gap. Slowly I began to understand
that hot winds started on the move Maine. actually speaking, at that point, i
used to be crying. however I dared to run to the opposite door. I wished to
induce out of the industrial plant somehow.
Suddenly I saw a shovel. I started choosing him up and banging on the
door. a wierd incident occurred after I did this. My body started propulsion
towards the table. Like associate invisible spirit desires to pull Maine into
the darkness. step by step i noticed that death is close to. i used to be
repeatedly obtaining the eye of I-Baba. so as to displace concern, I turned on
loudly. after I did this, the atmosphere there was spoiled.
Suddenly I checked out the controller box. A bald shave was seen there.
His face wasn’t clean. after I checked out him a touch a lot of aspect, I
screamed. That mund had no eyes and there was thick black smoke around it. I
yet again did not open the industrial plant lock. Then my emergency lightweight
went off with a jet. currently i used to be screaming madly standing within the
Shortly when, my feet got cold. I weekday on my knees at identical
place. My breath was tearing. maybe the mind was preparing for the upcoming
death. I felt in an exceedingly state of maximum condition, a steely claw began
to pull Maine. basic cognitive process the dangerous smell of that terrible
spirit, I still get my salmon. when a while i noticed that i used to be lying
within the middle of a great deal of shadows. They were whispering gazing one
another. as an example, some Chandal party is talking before intake prey.
Slowly, all their voices started obtaining louder. after I found, I saw
identical bald, angry eyes with a bald face. Suddenly, he pushed forward the
paw and began propulsion Maine towards the door. He lost consciousness when
this incident. once it absolutely was morning, I saw that i used to be lying on
the soil outside the industrial plant. I couldn’t move my hand and foot.
Artisans with morning shift came. Then took Maine to the hospital. Doctor
aforementioned, Minor attack is going on. subsequently time, I even have to
perpetually take force per unit area drugs. I additionally quit that job. God is
aware of what was the matter within the industrial plant and the way did I
begin of the fast factory. Ganesh Deva is happy otherwise i’d not be alive
these days to inform this issue.