means in hindi
का मतलब हिंदी मे
,गर्लफ्रेंड का अर्थ और मतलब
·      प्रेमिका
·      महिला-मित्र
·      सखी
·      सहेली
·      संगिनी

girlfriend means in hindi what is
मित्र क्या है

Partners in
committed relationships are generally delineate as a “significant
other” or just “partner”, particularly if the people are
and “partner” mean various things to completely different people; the
distinctions between the terms are subjective. however the term is employed can
ultimately be determined by personal preference.[4][5]
girlfriend means in hindi
In 2005, a
study was conducted of one hundred fifteen individuals ages twenty one to
thirty five UN agency were either living with or had lived with a romantic
partner. It notes that the dearth of correct terms typically results in awkward
things, like somebody turning into upset over not being introduced in social
things to avoid the question.[6]
There exists
some ambiguity between the terms “girl friend,” or a lover UN agency
could be a lady, and “girlfriend.” The transition between the 2 could
be a vital facet of adolescent development.[7]
varieties of “girlfriend” and “girl friend” are employed by
completely different individuals to mean various things. as an example, once
the term “girlfriend” is employed by a feminine regarding another
female in a very non-sexual, non-romantic context, the two-word kind “girl
friend” is usually wont to avoid confusion with the sexual or romantic
meaning; but, this is often not a rule. during this sense of its usage,
“girlfriend” is employed in terms of terribly shut friends and has no
sexual connotations, unless it’s within the case of lesbian, bisexual,
pansexual, transgender ladies. The term “girlfriend” is additionally
employed in LGBT communities and might check with individuals of any sex or
The term
“girlfriend” doesn’t essentially imply a relationship, however is
usually wont to check with a woman or woman UN agency is geological dating an
individual she isn’t engaged to while not indicating whether or not she has sex
with them. With differing
of sexual mores, the term “dating” will imply romantic activity
whereas merely victimisation “friend” would doubtless avoid implying
such intimacy. it’s basically resembling the term “sweetheart”, that
has additionally been used as a term of benignity.[10] an identical
relationship whereby there’s no exclusivity is usually remarked by terms like
friend with edges

sually remarked by terms like friend with edges
A similar,
however not equivalent, thought is that the additional ambiguous “lady
friend” – a companion of the feminine gender World Health Organization is
presumably but a girlfriend however probably quite an exponent. that’s to
mention, the link isn’t essentially platonic, neither is it essentially
associate exclusive, serious, committed, or semipermanent relationship. The
term avoids the overt  sexual
implications that go with pertaining to a girl as someone’s
“mistress” or “lover”. therein sense, it will typically be
a expression. The term can even typically be used once somebody merely doesn’t
recognize the precise standing of a girl that a person has been associating
with. for example, tabloid headlines typically note that a celeb has been seen
with a replacement “lady friend”.[16][17] “Lady friend” may
be wont to signify a romantic relationship with associate older girl, once the
term “girl” as in “girlfriend” could also be deemed