karna pishachini sadhana benefits and disadvantage

karna pishachini sadhana benefits –The Karna Pishachini sadhana is considered to be a very danger practice. And it is a kind of tamsi practice. The most important thing is that many people do not like to do this kind of spiritual practice at all. It is believed that a person who is able to do this practice. After that, he may be relaxed for some time, but in the end he has a bad speed. After death, his soul goes to the Karna Pishachini. And then his soul has a very bad condition. And it becomes difficult for him to attain salvation.

karna pishachini sadhana benefits

In addition, the practice method of aural vampire is very useless. If a common man wants to do it, it becomes very difficult. What you have to do inside it. You will be disgusted when you hear that.

One user wrote the experience of ear vampire sadhana that you have to drink without bathing, and urine while practicing it. In addition, if you leave the sadhana in the middle, you may also die.

It is an 11-day practice. And you have to chant 1100 times daily mantra. Many people who do this kind of spiritual practice finally become mad. Because they leave within the path between spiritual practice. However, the one who completes it is fortunate.

Karna Pishachini sadhana benefits you can see someone’s future

After completing the aural Karna Pishachini, you can tell the future of any human being. However, it cannot be said that this is entirely true. The aural vampire seeker cannot tell anyone the right future. However, he can guess to some extent.

According to some of the sadas, the Karna Pishachini sadhana is not suitable for telling the future.

Can see the past Karna Pishachini

It is believed that the Karna Pishachini can see your entire past. This is karna pishachini sadhana benefits. The ear tells someone’s future inside the vampire seeker’s ear. And who works on the installation of feces inside the ears.

When something is asked of such a sadas, the Karna Pishachini gives the answer to everything inside the ears. And then the seeker gives the answer to that. And the person is amazed at this.

As you ask someone what is happening in my house now, the seeker knows everything.

The Karna Pishachini performs the action.

The Karna Pishachini performs the action.

Friends whether it is true or not, it is believed that the earvampire is a ratiaction. Which is a seeker. He performs with him only when he treats him as a wife or girlfriend. But if he is in another form, the seeker is not able to do so with him.

However, there is another view in this regard that the earvampire does not do so. But what is the truth? It is known that RAM can only tell.

All desires are fulfilled by the Karna Pishachini

Friends It is believed that the Karna Pishachini does not do just that. But it completes all your desires. As you wish to get money, that too meets you. And helps you all the time.

Disadvantages of Karna Pishachini practice

Friends as you will know it is a tamsi force. And if you practice it, you will become a phantom and you will be black in you. Even if it will benefit you, there may be more damage.

A bad effect on man

The form in which the Karna Pishachini is used.  It is a bad effect on that person. As you are able to do it as a wife, your wife becomes a problem. And if you see it as a mother, your mother has a problem. Because of this, it is very damaging.

The end time is very bad.

A person who once makes a earvampire. After that, the Karna Pishachini is not far away from him, and when the end time comes, he is in a bad way. It has happened to many sadas. Those who are willing to attain salvation should not do this spiritual practice.

The risk of madness and life

Friends should never do the practice of Karopvampirei alone. Because if there is some mistake inside it which is prone to life. In addition, human beings can also be crazy. According to some seekers, there are fierce experiences during the spiritual practice period. Because of that, if a spiritual practice is left in the middle, the earvampire kills him.

Karna Pishachini practice is very difficult to do

Friends, no decent person would like to practice the Karna Pishachini. It has to be urination inside and constantly without bathing. And it requires a secluded place. And you have to live inside a very funk-filled environment.

How the benefits of Karna Pishachini Sadhana article feel below. It is our opinion that do not try this kind of spiritual practice.

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