meaning in hindi  =
rewrite meaning in telugu = తిరగరాసే
rewrite meaning in urdu =دوبارہ لکھنا
हम किसी चीज को एक बार लिखने के बाद दुबारा लिखते हैं तो वह
rewrite होता है। Rewrite (リライト Riraito) could be a Japanese visual novel
developed by Key, a complete of VisualArt’s. it had been free on June
24, 2011 for Windows PCs and is
rated for all ages. Rewrite is Key’s ninth game, together with alternative
titles like Kanon, Air, and Clannad. Key free an exponent disc increasing on
the game’s story titled Rewrite Harvest festa! on Gregorian calendar month
twenty seven,
2012 for

 Rewrite was ported to the PlayStation transportable, PlayStation Vita,
PlayStation three and PlayStation four, whereas Harvest festa! was ported to
the PlayStation Vita. associate English version of Rewrite and Harvest festa!
for Windows are going to be free by Sekai Project. 

The story follows the
lifetime of Kotarou Tennouji, a highschool student with godlike skills United
Nations agency investigates supernatural mysteries with
5 women from his school within the
fictional town of Kazamatsuri. This ultimately leads him into the center of a
conflict between acquainted summoners and 

superhumans with the fate of the
planet at stake.
rewrite meaning in hindi rewrite

The gameplay in Rewrite follows
associate interactive branching plot with multiple eventualities, and focuses
on the player character gaining the favor of the six feminine main characters.
There are further minigames and quests added 
into the gameplay, that are necessary to complete the sport. 

the sport
graded because the popular computer game oversubscribed in Japan for the time
of its unleash, and charted within the national high fifty doubly a lot of
after. There are
5 manga
diversifications supported Rewrite revealed by computer code Media Works and
Ichijinsha. Comic anthologies, lightweight novels associated an art book were
conjointly revealed, as were many music albums

Rewrite may be a romance visual novel during which the player assumes
the role of Kotarou Tennouji.[2] a lot of of its gameplay is spent on reading
the story’s narrative and dialogue. The text within the game is amid character
sprites, that represent WHO Kotarou is reprimand, over background art.
Throughout the sport,

 the player encounters CG design at bound points within
the story, that take the place of the background art and character sprites.
once the sport is completed a minimum of once, a gallery of the viewed cgs
system and compete background music becomes accessible on the game’s title
screen. Rewrite follows a branching plot with multiple endings, and reckoning
on the choices

 that the player makes throughout the sport, the plot can
progress in an exceedingly specific direction.
There are eight main plot lines that the player can have the prospect
to expertise, 3 that are at first accessible and 5 a lot of which might later
become available.[2] Throughout gameplay, the player is given multiple choices
to decide on from, and text progression 

pauses at these points till a
alternative is formed. Some choices will lead the sport to finish untimely,
which provide another ending to the plot. to look at all plot lines in their
entireness, the player can ought to replay the sport multiple times Associate
in Nursingd 

select totally different decisions to more the plot to an alternate
direction. once initial enjoying the sport, the situations for the heroines
Kotori, Chihaya and Lucia are accessible.

[2] To access Sizuru’s state of
affairs, Kotori’s should be completed initial. Similarly, to access Akane’s
state of affairs, Chihaya’s should be done initial. when the plot lines for
these 5 heroines are completed, a further state of affairs referred to as Moon
is formed accessible. Upon the completion of the Moon route, another state of
affairs referred to as Terra is formed accessible, that is verity conclusion to
the story; each Moon and Terra revolve round the main heroine, Kagari.
rewrite meaning in hindi

Throughout gameplay, the player encounters minigames accessed through
Associate in Nursing in-game GPS system referred to as Mappie, that is rendered
as a degree and click on map.[2] In most cases, the player will like better to
mechanically skip accessing Mappie, however generally the player is needed to
play through the minigame to maneuver on to subsequent event. once accessing
Mappie, the player meets numerous those who become Kotarou’s friends, and bound
individuals and things encountered can lead the player to try and do a

The names of the buddies and also the completed quests are recorded
within the Memory perform, that is Associate in Nursing reference of events. If
the player completes all thirty one quests, a bonus state of affairs referred
to as Oppai (おっぱい Breasts) is formed accessible. Oppai may be a branch off Akane’s
state of affairs and is a comedic plot not vital to the story.[2]
The gear and dial within the bottom left of the sport screen is
expounded to the Kotarou’s Rewrite ability. The dial moves forward whenever
this ability is employed, and also the outcome of bound scenes is decided by
what quantity the dial has captive. Throughout most of the sport, the text is
conferred in an exceedingly panel on the lower portion of the sport screen,
however this is often modified for the Terra state of affairs, wherever the
text is overlaid across the complete screen.[2]
In Rewrite Harvest festa!, there are six separate situations, one for
every heroine.[3][4] The player is at first given the selection to play the
situations for Kotori, Chihaya and Lucia from a personality choice screen. Once
these 3 situations are completed, the routes for Sizuru and Akane become
accessible, and when those 2 are completed, Kagari’s state of affairs is formed
accessible. when the completion of Kagari’s state of affairs, a dungeon exploration
role-playing minigame referred to as Rewrite Quest becomes accessible.