google ka hindi kya hota h क्या आपको पता है नहीं तो हम आपको बताते हैं।Google शब्द स्वयं एक रचनात्मक वर्तनी है
, 10 से 100 वीं
शक्ति के बराबर संख्या
, या अधिक बोलचाल की भाषा में, एक अथाह संख्या। गोगोल को 1930 के
दशक में गढ़ा गया था और इसका श्रेय अमेरिकी गणितज्ञ एडवर्ड कैसनर के नौ वर्षीय
भतीजे को जाता है।
गुगल शब्द का मतलब अथाह संख्या होता है। लेकिन गूगल को हिंदी मे गूगल ही कहेंगे
क्योंकि यह एक सर्च इंजन है।

google ko
hindi me kya kehte hai fun facts of google

google ko hindi me kya kehte hai fun facts of google

We all
apprehend that Google is one. Compared to that there’s no program within the
world. with the exception of this, there’s a lot of Search Engines. however
it’s not thus in style as Google. Whose name is from one thing like this.
Internet Archive
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    We have listed all the search engines higher than. they’re the highest
    ten program of all the globe. that is so as in step with a 2018 survey. with
    the exception of this, there’s a lot of Search Engines. however they’re not as
    in style as they ought to be.
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    By the way, there are concerning seventeen program within the whole
    world. which each and every country is creating thanks to its privacy in order
    that their information will stay safe. however the factor to consider is
    however has Google become in style thus soon?
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    Akhir, what did he knock off his program that different search engines
    couldn’t do?
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    What is the rationale for Google changing into in style soon? Full info
    in Hindi
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    Google is such a giant company, thus are the staff there educated? No,
    concerning Bastille Day of such workers are there. people who haven’t gone to
    Collage. Why Google company got the name of Google, what quantity Google earns
    during a day, I actually have brought some such attention-grabbing facts. you
    may be forced to review notwithstanding you don’t need to.
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    The word Google springs from a wordbook. that could be a verb and it
    means you would like to grasp one thing. Like (someone and something) for info.
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    Your mother doesn’t apprehend that abundant concerning you. the maximum
    amount as Google is public concerning you.
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    On Sept 1997, domain was registered.
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    Google’s headquarter is known as GooglePlex. that is created by adding
    Google+ complicated.
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    The two those who created Google were Phd’s students. Whose names are
    Larry Page and Sergei Brin. Google Facts in Hindi wonderful Facts concerning
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    The first funding to advance the Google Company was a hundred,000
    greenbacks. that was given by Bechtolsheim, co-founder of Sun Microsystems.
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    Alphabet Iraqi National Congress. could be a parent company. that is from
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    Google created’s web site in 2003.
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    In 2007, Google launched robot.
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    In 2008, Google launched chrome.
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    Adsence was launched in 2003 itself.
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    Currently, Google’s chief operating officer break up Pichai is Associate
    in Nursing
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    Google’s original name is Back rub.
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    This is a very important and wonderful Google facts. No general public is
    aware of concerning whether or not Google listens to our personal talks,
    therefore the answer is not any. Google doesn’t hear our words however records
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    Now you need to be speculative why Google records our talks? They wont to
    try this in order that we have a tendency to get the completely correct result
    throughout looking. in order that we are able to be happy.

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    When Google was being created in 1998. Then a woman gave her garage to
    Larry Page, then later the woman became the chief operating officer of YouTube.
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    Google was created by each the scholars just for the aim of mercantilism
    and both of them had no concept Google can at some point take the shape of world’s
    largest company.
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    Google’s share that is ninetieth in Share selling across the globe.
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    Google has concerning four-hundredth share in YouTube.
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    Google could be a terribly giant program. within which nowadays, three
    billion websites are running, which is why Google is that the largest index
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    In today’s date, folks apprehend the name of page-rank.
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    Today, Google has nearly seventy offices everywhere the globe.
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    Nearly 2 years once Google was fashioned in 1998, ie in 2000, it tried to
    be a Best program within the world.
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    Google had nearly thirty Millions page indexed in one998 and by 2000 it
    had reached 1 Billions.
  • ·      
    By 2004, the quantity of indexes had reached eight Billions.
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    The first girl to figure at Google, Yahoo!
    Was the chief operating officer of
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    YouTube is that the solely program once Google. that are visited a lot of
    typically than all the programs of the globe and doubtless that’s why YouTube
    has become the ordinal Largest Search Engine of the globe.
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    We all apprehend Google by only 1 name, that is however this
    is often not the case, if you search this on Google too, Google’s homepage are
    open for example: – gooogle, gogle, googel, 466453. Try it now.
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    Right once the creation of Google, his initiative was Tweet code that
    meant improvingam Feeling Lucky. Google Facts in Hindi wonderful Facts
    concerning Google
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    Before the Google Launch in 1998, Google had already created around 2000
    Doodles on its homepage in order that no user would be foiled.
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    Google’s homepage is offered in concerning eighty languages.
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    The Google Translate app supports over a hundred languages. however these
    figures solely in robot and Ios version.
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    37 Language supports solely in exposure looking and voice searching.
  • ·      
    Google supports solely eight languages in Republic of India. within which
    Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, etc.
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    Google says that no matter food is offered to our workers ought to be at
    intervals two hundred feet of them.
  • ·      
    Google has concerning eighty eight,110 workers.
  • ·      
    Google has twenty,000 such workers. that works during a skilled method
    for google
  • ·       Google and Oxford University along
    are making a man-made intelligence leap browse which will read higher than
  • ·       Amazon founder Geoff Bezos invested
    with 250,000 USD bucks in Google in 1998, that has become two.2 billion up to
  • ·       Google is such an enormous company,
    thus clearly there’ll be additional variety of individuals operating there,
    thus to avoid this downside, Google provides a colourful hat to the new
    employee that they continuously wear in order that It is pointed out which
    worker is new and World Health Organization is recent.
  • ·       New workers of Google are called Nouglers.
  • ·       Google doesn’t ought to realize
    workers to figure here as a result of it’s created a tool known as that
    enables Google to seek out things that folks seek for on-line jobs on Google or
    one thing completely different. Let’s screw. And with this facilitate, they
    realize folks that have an interest to figure in Google.
  • ·       Friends, if you write English when
    writing several numbers in Google Search and after giving the sign of =, then
    you’ll tell your written numbers in English for instance 214 = English then
    result 2 hundred fourteen. one thing like this can answer.
  • ·       If you ever did this i would like To
    kill Search on Google, then within the entire search result you’ll solely show
    helpline variety. which is able to 1st have the numbers of your country, then
    your state and town
  • ·       If you wish to require a tour of the
    universe or want to envision a glimpse of it terribly closely, then do a Google
    sky map search.
  • ·       You can conjointly read the 3D
    diagram of Mars with the assistance of Google, similarly as a more in-depth
    consider its expanse.
  • ·       If you are doing a Google mirror
    search on Google, then all the weather of the homepage can begin behaving sort
    of a mirror.
  • ·       Google still pays innumerable bucks
    to Firefox computer program in order that it works sort of a default search
  • ·       When Google went public in 2014,
    innumerable workers of Google presently became crorepati.
  • ·       Friends Wikipedia may be a web site
    that Google hates additional as a result of there’s not one AIDS show on
    Wikipedia that causes the loss of the Daily Arrow rupees to Google, Wikipedia
    is one amongst the websites on which individuals visit innumerable Millions
    people daily. For information.
  • ·       45% of Google’s merchandise are in
    beta version. and therefore the rest in robot and ios versions.
  • ·       There is 425 Millions Gmail user on
    Google that is presently active.
  • ·       The robot Device has over two Billion
    Monthly active users.
  • ·       And if we have a tendency to refer
    Android’s Active User, then these figures are increasing by 4000,000 times a
  • ·       According to the 2018 report, more or
    less two.6 millions apps are printed on the Google Play Store.
  • ·       There are two hundred,000 robot
    applications on the Google play store.
  • ·       App has been put in from Google play store for concerning eighty two billions
    times thus far.