Red delicious:

The Delicious originated at associate plantation in 1880 and
was originally referred to as the “Hawkeye” before Stark Brother
Nurseries bought the rights and altered the name. It is good
for intake contemporary and in salads, however it’s not sensible for
baking. It
has a made red color and is usually streaky with yellow
apple type
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Grammy smith:

Granny Smith apples wherever adult from an opportunity seed
thrown out by Mrs. Thomas (Granny) Smith in Australia. It is
red and yellow and may be a comparatively new selection. it’s sweet and
crisp it makes a wonderful snacking and is nice for salads,
sauces and state change. This apple is additionally sensible to be used
in baking,
but it’s not counseled to be used in pies.

Cortland apple:

Cartland apple is introduced by ny State
Agricultural Experiment Station since 1915. it’s a sweet red
apple over a greenish-yellow background that comes with simply
a trace of tartness. this sort of apple may be a sensible choice for
snacks, salads, pies, sauces, baking and sensible for state change. It
is available from September to April.

Fuji apple:

Fuji apple is originated from japan, developed by Tohoku
Research Station since 1962. it’s a sweet, reddish-pink apple.
This apple may be a sensible choice for snacks and sensible in salads,
pies, sauces and baking. it’s not an honest apple for state change and
is available from October to August.

Gala apple:

This apple is originates from New island. it’s chromatic
stripes over a yellow background. This apple is good and is
excellent for snacks, salads, sauces and sensible for pies and
baking however it wouldn’t suggest as state change apple. Gala
apples are on the market from September to might.

Golden delicious:

Golden delicious is developed by Anderson Mullins,
West Virginia (United States); 1890.It is systematically sweet
with a sleek texture and crisp, thin skin. Yellow, sometimes
with a bright pink blush if cool nights precede harvest. These
apples are glorious for pies, sauce and baking; nice for contemporary

Ginger gold:

Ginger gold is developed by Ginger Dr., Nelson
County, Virginia (United States); 1960. it’s five distinct crowns
on the bottom and is crimson to crimson in color. it’s medium
in sweetness with juicy creamy white flesh and a extremely
aromatic flavour. Texture of ginger gold is softer than some
other varieties that create them ideal for young youngsters.

Honey crisp:

Honey crisp may be a trendy apple selection, developed by
university of Minnesota in Nineteen Sixties and introduced to plug
in the 1990s-sometimes proprietary as “Honey crunch”. It
is crisp and juicy, with lentiginous inexperienced skin and sweet tart
flesh. it’s one amongst the simplest decisions for intake and change of
state. It
can be keep within the icebox for optimum of 240 days


Jonathan is associate previous yankee apple selection, discovered in
1820s and introduced to plug within the 1864s. it’s spicy and
fragrant, juicy, sweet-tart is nice for change of state, except once
cooked whole and is great for snacks. It may be keep in
the icebox for an honest a hundred and twenty days.


Jonagold is top quality yankee apple, developed by
New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Nineteen Forties and
introduced to plug within the 1943s. it’s massive in size with sweet,
juicy crisp cream colored flesh and a refreshing style.
Jonagold incorporates a bright red heal a yellow base and may be a
cross between the Jonathon and Jonagolds and on the market from
mid March – August in Australia.

Rome beauty:

Rome beauty is common apple selection, originated from
Ohio, u.  s. and introduced to
plug in 1816s. It is a
mildly tart red apple, that makes a wonderful baking apple.
It is nearly as good to be used in pies, or sauces because it is for
salads, intake as a snack, moreover as state change and is one amongst
most versatile varieties.


This apple was discovered by a John McIntosh, a farmer
in Ontario within the early nineteenth century. this is often sensible
variety of apple that’s sweet with simply a trace of tartness. It is
a favorite in lunchbox and glorious for snacks, sauces. It does
come across as a baking or state change apple although it’s one amongst
the most most popular decisions for creating pies and for salads.